10 young Pakistanis win Diana Award 2022

Ten young Pakistanis have created the country proud once being recognised by the Diana Awards this year. National News

The Diana Award honours those aged between 9 to twenty five operating for the betterment of the community in any approach. National News

The award was established in 1999 once the name of the late patrician of Wales, Diana. it’s one in every of the foremost prestigious awards an adolescent will receive for his or her humanitarian work.

The 10 Diana awardees from Pakistan area unit Alizey Khan, Arqam Al-Hadee, Iqra Bisma, Faryal Ashfaq, Muhammad swayer Khoso, Moazzam crowned head Bukhari Syed, Moiz Lakhani, Aiza Abid, Ramna Saeed, and Sikander Khan.

The youngest awardee is 18-year-old Iqra Bisma UN agency is from national capital. She may be a psychological state activist UN agency started volunteering from the age of eight. She developed a listeners’ society referred to as “TALK” wherever fifty totally trained listeners volunteer.

Moazzam crowned head Bukhari Syed, UN agency may be a 24-year-old from Hyderabad, received the award for providing property education to youngsters. He recently opened many colleges for quite one,500 youngsters in remote villages.

“It’s such Associate in Nursing honour to hold this prestigious award in memory of Lady Diana Frances Spencer. i do know it’ll inspire Pine Tree State to try to to even a lot of. i do know there area unit several children, like me, UN agency may gain advantage from the support of The Diana Award.

Twenty-year-old Ramna Saeed has worked against molestation. The Diana Award Roll of Honour 2022 web site reports that she created a secure area for girls in her community to speak concerning molestation and bullying they face on a each day.

Faryal Ashfaq from urban center has been fighting against gender-based violence. She started her own organization “The Mirror” at simply seventeen years ancient.

Muhammad swayer Khoso, 22, bagged the award for providing water facilities, food, and education within the deprived areas of Pakistan. Khoso has provided food to 700 families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alizey Khan, a twenty four year recent from urban center, got the award for specializing in food poorness. The Diana Award Roll of Honour 2022 web site aforesaid that she started “Ruhil foundation” in 2016 to fight food poorness. below its name, she was able to delivery five,500 meal parcels monthly.

Arqam Al-Hadeed, 21, may be a young leader UN agency presently lives in urban center, England. he’s a global triumph youth leader. He has delineated one hundred eighty,000 kids of urban center within the House of Commons.

Moiz Lakhani, a 20-year-old UN agency presently lives in provincial capital, Canada, schooled girls self defence techniques, empowering and coaching them. He received seed funding and mentorship for his project “Ninja Girls”, a non-profit organisation.

Aiza Abid, 23, has been a life-long advocate of children’s rights. She established “Aiza’s Teddybear Foundation” in 2013 to supply emotional and physical support to youngsters worldwide.

Sikandar (Sonny) Khan, also 23, presently lives within the North American nation. He received the awarded for introduction Associate in Nursing organisation referred to as “Paani” that builds water wells in Pakistan. with the exception of providing clean water within the affected areas of Pakistan, the awardee’s organisation has additionally given over $500,000 in medical provides throughout the pandemic.

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