Pakistan’s winning ratio highest in world: Ramiz Raja

ISLAMABAD: during a major action, Pakistan’s winning quantitative relation in international cricket exceeded the seventy fifth mark throughout the session 2021-22, forgoing Republic of India and alternative countries, same Asian country Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja on Fri. Sports News

Talking to the media, Ramiz Raja highlighted the achievements of the national cricketers within the international arena since he took over the reins of the cricket board. Sports News

“Pakistan’s success quantitative relation has been overwhelming because it has crossed seventy fifth, quite the other cricket-playing nation as well as Republic of India that typically play most of their matches reception,” Ramiz same.

In a season that started in Sept (since the time Ramiz Raja took over), Asian country vie twenty four matches and won eighteen, losing four and drawing the opposite 2. the full success quantitative relation of the national team is seventy fifth, quite the other team within the world.

India return next because the team vie thirty two matches, won 22, and lost 9, and player the remaining one. India’s success quantitative relation is sixty eight.75.

Surprisingly, Islamic State of Afghanistan occupy the third spot, winning thirteen out of nineteen they vie and losing the remaining. African country return next, winning nineteen of the twenty eight matches the team vie and losing 9 others. Australia occupy the fifth spot within the success quantitative relation chart, winning twenty of the thirty matches they vie, losing seven and drawing the opposite 3. Australia’s success quantitative relation is sixty six.67%.

Ireland, New Sjaelland, Sri Lanka, England, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and the Indies return next on the ladder. All have but a hr winning quantitative relation.

Commenting on the team’s progress, Ramiz same that the national team has progressed by leaps and bounds throughout the last eight months. the instant Asian country defeated Republic of India honest and sq. within the tourney T20 opener, the Asian country team becomes a cake round the world.

“We currently have a team underneath the leadership of fictitious character Azam. Fans round the world await months to examine the inexperienced shirts in action. we’ve got been receiving Associate in Nursing unprecedented response from everyplace and on each front. Be it from a cricketing angle or from the business purpose of read, there’s no matching Asian country. The credit undoubtedly goes to the whole team. fictitious character Azam’s ability to guide the team has seen tremendous progress.

“He is absolutely guilty and job all the shots. He has big in confidence and has performed unusually as a player and as a captain. The team underneath him is giving a united look.”

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