Punjab governor cannot refuse to administer oath to CM-elect, warns secretary

LAHORE: Punjab’s governor cannot refuse to administer the oath to associate electoral chief minister below any circumstances, the principal secretary to the governor told Omer Sarfraz Cheema when he set to delay Hamza Shahbaz’s swearing-in ceremony daily earlier. National news

Warning geographical area Governor Cheema against declining oath to the CM-elect, the principal secretary aforesaid that the move would be a constitutional violation. National News

Hamza, World Health Organization got electoral with 197 votes — beating PTI’s candidate Chaudhry Parvez Elahi — was speculated to be sworn in because the geographical area CM on Sunday till PTI-backed Cheema dead deferred the oath-taking ceremony, citing the geographical area Assembly secretary’s report, the urban center High Court’s directions and therefore the “facts bestowed to him.”

However, a letter issued by the principal secretary declared that the governor has no power unconditional below the Constitution or any law that authorises him to disregard the election below any circumstances.
“The geographical area Assembly secretary had all told likelihood rendered himself susceptible to contempt proceedings for a very black report that smacks of cheekbone fide,” browse the letter.

The secretary told the governor that the assembly secretary’s report had been found one-sided, biased and politically intended.

“I don’t have any power below any provision of the Constitution, the law or the foundations of the geographical area Assembly 1997 to decision into question the declaration of the result by the deputy speaker, World Health Organization is punctually authorised by the urban center supreme court to conduct the election for the workplace of the chief minister,” he added.

The PA secretary had already been suspended by the deputy speaker and his entry into the House has been illegal, the letter other.

Oath-taking ceremony deferred
On Sunday, geographical area Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema had “postponed” the oath-taking ceremony of CM-elect Hamza Shehbaz as he dominated his election disputed because of the commotion that transpire within the assembly daily earlier.

Cheema, during a news conference, had condemned the violence that transpire within the geographical area Assembly on Sat and aforesaid that such incidents set a really wrong precedent.

“I am a political employee and have fought elections. This a really wrong precedent being set,” the governor had aforesaid.

The geographical area governor had defendant the CM-elect of victimization “state power” on the election day against his rival the PTI and PML-Q.

“I believe if Hamza Shehbaz had enough votes, then he shouldn’t have created the election disputed like this,” aforesaid Cheema.

The governor had conjointly questioned whether or not the election for the geographical area chief minister was conducted as per the directives of the LHC and aforesaid that he had summoned a report from the secretary of the geographical area Assembly associated with the commotion and violence that transpire throughout the session.

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