‘Powerful’ country angry because of Russia visit: PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan says a “powerful country” is angry with Asian country thanks to his recent visit to Russia. National news

National news

Addressing the Islamabad Security Dialogue weekday, the premier same that the “powerful country” is supporting its ally, India. “Today, I scan the statement of Brits Foreign Secretary that mentioned that they can’t say something to Asian country because it is associate degree freelance state — I don’t blame them for this support, this is often our mistake,” he said. National news

Taking a jibe at the Leader of the Opposition within the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif, he said: “Those UN agency square measure making ready to induce to the Prime Minister’s workplace square measure giving interviews that my statements can piss off America and Asian country cannot survive while not its support.”

He any defendant the Opposition, language that these leaders have sacrificed Pakistan’s economy and humiliated the country within the world thanks to their advantages.

Addressing the continued difference of opinion relating to the “threat letter”, apparently sent by the U.S., the premier same that associate degree honourable person is often revered, questioning if a rustic will threaten another country.”

On Thursday, talking concerning the “threatening memo” that the PM claimed to own received against his government from a far off country, he named the us to be behind the conspiracy.

In a comprehensible slip of the tongue, he named “the us…” however quickly stirred on and expressed that “a foreign country” had sent a “threatening memo” that was against the Pakistani nation.

PM Imran Khan same the choices of previous politicians have junction rectifier to a scenario whereby no foreign country respects Asian country. “They order U.S.. they assert that if the no-confidence motion doesn’t become productive, there’ll be consequences for Asian country.”

‘Inclusive prosperity, rule of law, freelance policy key for security’
He stressed that comprehensive prosperity, rule of law associate degreed an freelance policy square measure key parts for the national security of any country.

The premier same that unequal development, the increasing gap between the wealthy and poor and capture of resources by one or two of elite category create a rustic vulnerable.

He stressed that society becomes secure and productive once it’s when the weak segments and ensures rule of law.

PM Imran Khan same that while not associate degree freelance policy, the country cannot defend the interests of its individuals.

He observed that the current government has pursued associate degree freelance policy and didn’t become a part of “bloc politics to realize constant objectives”. As a results of this, he same Asian country has received a great deal of respect and recognition at the international level over the last three-and-a-half years.

Programmes introduced underneath Imran Khan’s tenure
Highlighting the steps taken by his government, PM Imran Khan said: “We have introduced a universal insurance theme underneath that the poor individuals may also get medical treatment at non-public hospitals.”

He same our social protection programmes square measure aimed toward rising the deprived segments of society. “Our struggle for rule of law is vital and our success in it’ll take the country forward,” he added.

Earlier, in his remarks, National Security advisor Moeed Yusuf same our national security policy focuses on peace, cooperation and economy. He reiterated that we would like cooperation with all the countries.

The national security advisor same that the simplest specialists from round the world further as intellectuals and cupboard members square measure attending the protection dialogue.

The two-day dialogue can assemble Pakistani and international policy specialists to debate rising challenges in international security underneath the theme “Comprehensive Security: Reimagining International Cooperation”.

The Islamabad Security Dialogue is hosting seventeen international speakers from the us, China, the uk, Russia, EC, Japan, Philippines etc.

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