Governor Punjab accepts Usman Buzdar’s resignation

National news

LAHORE: Governor realm Chaudhry Muhamad Sarwar on Fri accepted the resignation of Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. National news

Meanwhile, following the acceptance of the resignation, the realm cabinet has jointly been dissolved.

Sarwar sought-after approval from Prime Minister Imran Khan before taking his judgment, sources same, adding that he has summoned a session of the realm Assembly tomorrow (April 2) to elect the new leader of the House. National news

Earlier, Sarwar left for the federal capital to hunt suggestions concerning Buzdar’s approval. in step with sources, a discussion concerning CM’s resignation was command among the capital in light-weight of the continued political state of affairs.

PM Imran Khan educated the governor of realm concerning Buzdar’s resignation once he briefed the premier relating to his meeting with the outgoing CM.

Sarwar jointly hip the premier relating to his meeting with the Speaker of the realm Assembly Pervaiz Elahi and hip him of the number game previous the ballot on the no-confidence motion on Apr 3.

On the alternative hand, the Opposition has not nominative anyone for the post notwithstanding, but sources say PML-N’s Hamza Shahbaz is that the doable candidate.

Opposition submits no-confidence motion against Buzdar
On March twenty eight, Buzdar had tendered his resignation once the joint Opposition submitted a no-confidence motion against him among the realm Assembly.

According to Minister of State for knowledge and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib, PM Imran Khan had nominative PML-Q’s Elahi for the post. PML-Q’s leader Moonis Elahi had confirmed that the post has been accepted by Elahi.

“Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi meets Prime Minister Imran Khan. All issues were settled among the meeting. PML-Q expresses confidence in PM and announces support. Chief Minister Usman Bazdar tenders his resignation to PM. Prime Minister Imran Khan has set to nominate Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi as a result of the new Chief Minister of realm.

The joint Opposition had submitted a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister realm Usman Buzdar among the realm Assembly, citing that that that they had been “dissatisfied at the side of his performance.”

The development had area unit out there within the wake of the Opposition’s no-confidence motion and increasing pressure within the PTI to induce eliminate the incumbent chief minister.

A total of 126 lawmakers — beside amphibian genus Mashood, Ramzan Siddique, leader Ahmed and Mian Naseer — from the Opposition parties had signed the no-confidence motion against Buzdar, same PML-N’s amphibian genus Mashood, adding that 119 members had signed the requisition for a session.

“CM Usman Bazdar has lost the boldness of the majority of the House,” browse the resolution.

It same that the chief minister is not running the affairs of realm as per the Constitution and he has ruined the democratic norms among the province.

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