Shahbaz Gill grilled over local ‘overseas Pakistani woman’

Combo of screengrabs (left and right) and picture of federal minister Shahbaz Gill. National news

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill has come back vulnerable on social media once sharing a video containing pro-PTI content to justify the recognition of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his rule. National news

The minister recently shared a video of a neighborhood Pakistani girl speaking in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s defence, spoken communication that he’s the sole hope for Pakistanis.

“This is that the girl of this nation. this is often intellectual freedom. I want our nice intellectuals might take off of their emotion and see this and be ready to assume,” Gill captioned the video.

The woman spoke stormily and aforementioned that there’s no financial condition and hunger within the country which the locals believe that PM Imran Khan is that the solely honest leader, whereas all previous rulers were “thieves”. National news

However, netizens presently identified that the girl in Shahbaz’s video was truly a “social media paid actor” World Health Organization is often seen defensive the PTI-led government whereas chatting with an equivalent “reporter”.

Social media users shared another video and screengrabs of the 2 videos, during which an equivalent girl is creating similar arguments, to troll Shahbaz for sharing content simply to vindicate the govt and prove the recognition of PM Imran Khan and PTI’s government.

Have a glance at a number of these social media posts:

A tweep announce the opposite video during which an equivalent girl “pretended” to be a foreign Pakistani and told locals however lucky they’re to possess the privileges that overseas Pakistanis cannot have.

“Where is that the poverty? everyone seems to be feeding, drinking, sporting branded garments that we won’t wear in England,” the girl aforementioned.

She went on to mention that Pakistanis square measure “living a king’s life” as they currently have the Sehat Card facility, whereas overseas Pakistanis haven’t got it.

Another user took a swipe at Shahbaz, asking him “why is that this girl of the state forever on the road with an equivalent anchor”.

He aforementioned that it’s a lot of or less the third time he’s look “this girl of the state rebuke an equivalent man”.

“The place is completely different however the girl of the state and therefore the anchor square measure an equivalent,” he wrote.

Pakistani activist Jibran Nasir additionally poured in some humour, linking the girl in 2 separate videos to the “Fiza-Shiza” scene from a Pakistani drama.

“Fiza (overseas Pakistani) and Shiza (local Pakistani) each support PTI,” Jibran wrote with a smile emoticon.

Meanwhile, a Facebook user said: “Only if social media paid actors and trolls might shore governments.

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