Gen Bajwa has asked me not to call Fazlur Rehman ‘diesel’, says PM Imran Khan

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has asked me not to call JUI-F’s Maulana Fazlur Rehman “diesel”, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday, KKB News.

Addressing a public gathering in Lower Dir at Balambat Ground in Timargara, the premier said that he told Gen Bajwa that he is not calling Fazl “diesel” but it was the public that has given the PDM chief this name.

“I want to convey this message that when a person bows down in front of somebody, they lose their self-respect; and when a nation bows down in front of somebody nobody respects the country and its passport,” the premier said.

The PM told the charged crowd that he has focused on three things since he entered into politics 25 years ago.

“[I want] to make our country self-sufficient, to make our country a welfare-state and to ensure law and justice prevail in the country,” PM Imran told the charged crowd.

“These three principals have been a part of PTI’s manifesto and these were adopted from Riasat-e-Madina,” he said.

Speaking about the three “stooges” — leaders of JUI-F, PPP, PML-N— who have joined hands against him, PM Imran said the chiefs of these three parties are among those who have been ruling the county since last 30-35 years.

“If today the world does not recognise Pakistan’s green passport it is because of these three because these three mortgaged Pakistan,” he claimed.

‘How will Fazl fix Pakistan Army?’

Recalling Fazl’s previous press conference, PM said said that Fazl — who is also the president of PDM — had earlier said that when he comes into power he will fix the institution. However, the PM claimed that PDM chief had meant “he wants to fix Pakistan Army”, KKB News.

Criticising him for this statement, he said that if Pakistan is surviving today it is because of a strong army.

“Muslim countries including Somalia, Syria and Afghanistan are in crisis; however, Pakistan is saved because we have the most powerful army in the Muslim world,” he said.

Questioning Fazl for his statement, he asked how will he [Fazl] fix the institute?

“These three leaders destroy all the institutions they try to fix,” claimed PM Imran, highlighting that they attacked the courts in Pakistan, bribed the judges, chased away the chief justice of Supreme Court and did yellow journalism.

Without mentioning the name of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, PM Imran Khan said that the “biggest coward and the biggest liar” of Pakistan is residing outside the country.

“They say I shouldn’t call him fugitive but the fact is that he is fugitive and liar,” the premier said, adding that he started envelope journalism in Pakistan.

KKB News
KKB News

“The person who tried to bribe former army chief Asif Nawaz Janjua with a BMW is planning to fix the Pakistan army,” he said, taking a jibe at the PML-N supremo.

“The person who met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Nepal and invited the person who is torturing the Kashmiris to a wedding; how will he fix the Pakistan Army,” he questioned, highlighting all the issues.

Once again criticising them, he questioned: “Who will fix the army —PDM chief, who told the American ambassador that he is ready to serve him if given one chance, or PPP’s Asif Ali Zardari, who wrote a letter to American to protect him from the army?

“Or will Shahbaz Sharif, who said that I did wrong by criticising the European Union, fix the institute?”

‘I will take three wickets with one ball’

Calling the Opposition leaders a “bouquet of bandits”, he suggested they forget about such a dream to fix the institutes of Pakistan.

“I was praying that the Opposition brings a no-confidence motion because they were planning sit-in separately,” he said, adding that now “I will take three wickets with one ball.”

PM Khan says only ‘animals are nuetral’

Speaking about PPP’s “Awaami March”, he said that after so much they brought people to Islamabad from Sindh and what was the message that he gave “kaanpein tang rahi hain.”

Taking a jibe at the PPP chairman, the PM said that by the time Bilawal leaves politics, new words will be added to the dictionary like “kaanpein tang rahi hain, cheeni ugg rahi hai.”

“This is what happens when you forcefully try to make a person a leader…kaanpein taangti hain,” he stated.

He further added that Allah did not allow us [PTI] to be neutral as only “animals are neutral” because the animals do not distinguish between good and evil. “Humans stand with the good,” he concluded.

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