Supreme Court Orders Authorities To De-seal Islamabad’s Pheasant Eating House

KKB News : The Supreme Court on Tues suspended a Islamabad state supreme court (IHC) finding that had directed authorities to seal the pheasant eating house within the federal capital.

“The judge had ordered to seal pheasant eating house while not due notice […] the restaurants within the surroundings of pheasant were notified before they were sealed,” the court aforesaid.

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Supreme Court

A three-member bench, comprising Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan, Justice Muneeb Akhtar, and Justice Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi, aforesaid the Islamabad life Management Board (IWMB) had sealed the eating house while not a licensed order of IHC.

Justice Ahsan aforesaid if different restaurants were served a notice before their closure, then why wasn’t a notice given to pheasant eating house beforehand.

“Had all legal checks been crossed during this case, there wouldn’t are a drag, however it looks like pheasant is being targeted,” Justice Ahsan determined.

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Justice Ahsan, throughout the proceedings, asked the restaurant’s professional, Makhdoom Ali Khan, whether or not IHC issued a signed copy of the order.

At this, the professional said: “I neither have the high court’s order nor do I even have the elaborate finding.”

Khan told the choose that he had stirred associate degree intra-court charm doubly, however even before a hearing might ensue, the case would be fired.

IWMB chair chastened

Reprimanding IWMB chair Rina Ahmed, Justice Ahsan asked however was the eating house sealed before a close order of the court.

“The life board wasn’t a celebration within the case, then why did it show potency here?”

The choose asked what number restaurants had been sealed at Margalla Hills, to that the chair aforesaid that Gloria Jeans and La MT had been served notices.

As the proceedings stirred forward, the chair interrupted the justices, following that she was aloof from the podium.

‘Verbal order has no standing’

“You were asked to sit down down, cannot you perceive that?” Justice Naqvi told the chair.

“A verbal order has no standing,” Justice Naqvi aforesaid concerning the IHC’s order.

A Capital Development Authority (CDA) official gift at the hearing told the court that the restaurant’s lease had expired  six months back. At this, Justice Ahsan aforesaid the relevant civil court would hear the CDA-Monal case.

Later, the SC adjourned the hearing for associate degree indefinite amount, KKB News.

IHC’s order

On January eleven, IHC magistrate attar Minallah had ordered authorities to seal Islamabad’s peak pheasant eating house — placed at the Margalla Hills parkland.

“This court can shield the broader public interest,” the choose had aforesaid, noting that the national park’s land belongs to the state, and no business activities may be applied there.

“No one will even cut the grass on the land; this land belongs to the state.”

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