Mianwali Father Wish For A Son Shoots Newborn Girl

KKB News : Hankering for a kid, a person killed his seven-day recent girl in Mianwali district 2 days agone.

Police aforesaid Shahzaib Khan narrowed wedding with Mashal Fatimah 2 years agone and also the girl gave birth to a girl, Jannat.

Police aforesaid the suspect was angry along with his better half for birthing to a lady.

Mianwali Father Wish For A Son Shoots Newborn Girl
Mianwali Father Wish For A Son Shoots Newborn Girl

On Sunday morning, police aforesaid, the suspect entered his house, force out a shooting iron and shot his girl dead when snatching her from his better half. The suspect managed his escape.

The lady was taken to the DHQ Hospital wherever doctors pronounced her dead.

The autopsy report showed the suspect had pink-slipped four bullets to kill the newborn.

Police have registered a murder case on the criticism of victim’s maternal uncle Hidayatullah and commenced investigation.

Complainant Hidayatullah told Dawn that the suspect [a full cousin of his] was ‘disturbed’ over the birth of a lady.

He aforesaid the suspect conjointly remained out of the house when hearing regarding the birth of girl and failed to wish to just accept her.

He aforesaid the members of the family were conjointly gift within the house once Shahzaib approached his better half and asked her at hand over the lady to him.

“The suspect took the lady into his hands and shot her dead.”

He aforesaid that they had tried to require the lady from the suspect however he pointed the gun at them and vulnerable to shoot if anyone came getting ready to him.

Mianwali District policeman (DPO) Ismail Kharak told this communicator that a team had been well-grooved to arrest the suspect.

He aforesaid the suspect, a second year student, had narrowed wedding 2 years agone and wished a son as initial baby, KKB News.

Mr Kharak said: “We have collected four spent bullets from the scene and powerful proof are going to be bestowed to the court to confirm justice.”

Punjab military officer of Police Rao Sardar Ali Khan has taken notice of the incident and sought-after a report from the Sargodha RPO.

The gamma globulin aforesaid perpetrators of violence against girls and kids don’t merit any leniency and also the wrongdoer would be fined.

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