PM Imran Khan to make ‘big announcement’ in address to nation today

Prime Minister Imran Khan are creating a “big associatenouncement” in an address to the state these days (Monday), says secretary of state crowned head Mahmood Qureshi.His statement to the media was ventilated shortly when Federal Minister for data and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry confirmed the PM’s speech on his official Twitter account this morning.Fawad aforesaid that the premier can take the state into confidence over Pakistan’s economy and therefore the international challenges the country faces amid the continued country crisis.FM Qureshi confirmed that the PM can speak at 6pm.It may be recalled that PM Imran Khan paid a visit to national capital every day when Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin proclaimed a operation in country, formally declaring war on the West-backed country.Federal Minister for Defence Pervez Khattak, meanwhile, had aforesaid Sunday that PM Imran Khan can presently unleash a relief package for the lots and announce a discount in rock oil and energy costs.”The prime minister can address the state shortly and announce Rs10 reduction in rock oil costs, and a Rs5 cut per unit within the electricity rates, along side many different measures,” he aforesaid whereas speaking at a public meeting at the Mumraiz space of his town of Nowshera.

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