Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah orders e-tagging of habitual criminals

Census 2017 reported lesser Sindh population, says Murad Ali Shah

(Khuda Ki Basti Sources)Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Monday said that strict measures would be taken to curb street crime in Karachi. The decision was taken during a meeting held to discuss the rise in street crime in the city. CM Shah said that the incidence of street crimes has increased in the city while police and Rangers personnel are nowhere to be seen. Theft and other crimes are happening because of the presence of many “habitual criminals” in the city. “I want to tag these criminals electronically so that the government can monitor their activities.”
Electronic tagging is a system in which an electronic device is attached to a criminal or suspected offender, enabling the police to determine if they are out of a particular area. “I do not tolerate street crime at all. He urged the authorities to formulate a strategy as they “want results”. “Twelve people were killed and 58 were injured in a robbery in the metropolitan area between February 1 and 20,” he said, adding that the situation was “absolutely unacceptable”. The law and order situation should not be disturbed. Shah said that some serious incidents have taken place in which citizens have lost their lives due to street criminals. “Where are your SHOs, what are they doing and how are they performing,” he asked the police. And 82 were injured. The Chief Minister was informed that 1217 criminals involved in robberies were arrested, 292 accused were arrested for vehicle snatching / theft while 903 illegal weapons were recovered. Acquitted On this, the Chief Minister said that it was the weakness of the police that they were not investigating the cases properly. The Chief Minister said that he would pay a surprise visit to the city and he wanted the police and Rangers Patrolling, snap checking and being active. “I want you to keep me posted on the SHO’s fortnightly performance regarding criminal cases in their areas,” he said, adding that Criminals active in the area should be aware otherwise they will remove SHOs who allow or show negligence. During the meeting, it was also revealed that some gangs were operating from the jails. The Sindh Chief Minister directed the Home Department to launch a massive operation in all the jails and take stern action against such criminals. He said, Develop a surveillance strategy so that their gangs operating in the city can be caught through them. ”The Sindh Chief Minister further decided to transfer drug addicts to rehabilitation centers to deter them from committing criminal acts. Go

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