Presidential Ordinance issued for 5 years for giving false information

President Arif Alvi has issued an ordinance amending the Pakistan Electronic Act and the Election Act, after which a person can be sentenced to five years for giving false information while members of the Assembly and Senators will be able to participate in the election campaign. Act Amendment Ordinance and Ordinance to amend the Election Act has been issued. In this regard, while giving a press conference in Islamabad, Law Minister Barrister Forough Naseem said that PECA and Election Ordinance has been issued, Election Code of Conduct Act Babar Awan. Anyone can run an election campaign under an amendment to the Election Act, and this law will be for everyone, while in the drafting of the Pika law, this law was necessary to prevent fake news. False news harms the society, what will happen if society is based on lies. The law minister said that journalism is the fourth pillar of the state but some people want to create tension in the country, media is free to criticize but There should be no false news. He said that this law is not a restriction on media We do not want fake news to happen now, talk about PM’s personal life was spread, now no one will get exemption on fake news. And fake news will not be guaranteed, fake news will be decided within 6 months, if no decision is made within 6 months, the High Court will ask the relevant judge. The President has issued the Pakistan Electronic Act Amendment Ordinance, which The Amendment Act includes the definition of a person, including any company, association, institution or authority. According to the ordinance, after the amendment in section 20, in case of attack on the identity of any person, imprisonment has been increased from 3 years to 5 years. The offense of assault against the identity of any individual has been declared admissible and will be non-bailable, the trial court will decide the case within 6 months, the trial court will submit the details of the case to the High Court every month. The High Court will be asked to remove the obstacles if it feels that there are obstacles in dealing with the cases expeditiously. The federal and provincial governments and officials will be asked to remove the obstacles. The Chief Justice of each High Court will nominate a judge and officers for these cases. The President has also issued an ordinance amending the Election Act, under which members of all Assemblies, Senate and local governments will be able to speak during the election campaign, and any public office holder and elected representative will be able to visit the constituency.

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