Opposition consultations begin to overthrow the government

The opposition has now started considering other aspects besides the no-confidence motion. The opposition has now started considering other aspects along with the no-confidence motion, and in this regard, the opposition leaders have started contacts with prominent legal experts of the country, including legal and constitutional options to bring down the government. Sources said that the opposition has sought advice from legal experts on what are the legal avenues besides the no-confidence motion to overthrow the government. Legal experts have also offered legal and constitutional redress to the opposition, arguing that in a parliamentary system of government, the prime minister can remain in office as long as he has the support of a majority in the house. The ruling coalition currently has a simple majority of 179 members in the National Assembly, and legal experts say that if 10 to 15 members of the government resign, the government will not have a simple majority, followed by the opposition. Ask the Prime Minister to take a vote of confidence, in which case the opposition movement will achieve its target without a no-confidence motion, or even leave the government allies together. Experts were asked what would happen if the Speaker of the Assembly did not accept the resignations of these resigned members. To which the legal experts replied that under the constitution and law it is at the discretion of the Speaker how long he accepts his resignation. According to sources, the opposition leaders are upset over the opinion of legal experts. However, according to legal experts, the opposition leaders will soon make a final decision on which method to use against the government.

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