Russia-Ukraine conflict Inflation could rise further in Pakistan

Inflation has risen worldwide due to Covid 19, while inflation in the United States has reached 7.5 percent. Inflation rate in Pakistan has crossed 13 percent, now there is a fear of further rise in inflation. is being done. The reason for this is the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Due to the threat of possible war, various countries have started stockpiling goods for fear of supply disruption. As a result, commodity prices are rising. There is a risk of a chips crisis for cars, as raw materials for chips (neon and palladium) are supplied by Russia and Ukraine. Explaining the reasons. Some believe the United States is afraid of the Nord Stream pipeline, which supplies natural gas from Russia to Germany. In this sense, Russian gas is becoming an important part of the European economy, and Europe’s confidence in Moscow is growing, and Russia’s image there is improving. As a result, a free trade zone could be created between Russia and Europe. Thus, the Nord Stream is not just a pipeline, but a window into the future, where Europe and Asia will create a free trade zone between them. Relationships will get stronger. The United States is not digesting this, so this conflict is gaining momentum. This time, Pakistan has imported 40% of its wheat from Ukraine. Any crisis in Ukraine could lead to a shortage of wheat in Pakistan, which in turn will increase the prices of wheat and flour and other products.

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