India regains hosting of Olympic Games 40 years later

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has given India the right to host the Summer Olympic Games after 40 years. The Summer Olympic Games have been held in New Delhi. In the meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Beijing today, the Indian delegation including Abhinav Bandra, Nita Ambani, Youth Sports Minister Anurag Singh and the head of the Indian Olympic Committee. Narendra Batra was present. Sports Minister Anurag Singh briefed the delegation of the International Olympic Committee about the facilities for international sports in India. The 101 members of the Olympic Committee have the right to vote, of which 45 members have special status and one member has been given additional special status. The meeting was also attended by a delegation of 50 international sports organizations. India invites Mumbai for biggest World Games event Where the 2023 Winter Olympic Games will be held.

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