Economic security is the center of national security: NSA

National Security Adviser Dr. Moeed Yousaf has said that economic security is at the heart of national security. The NSP is a comprehensive policy document that outlines the direction of national security policy, according to Dr. Moeed. He noted that the policy prioritizes the protection of citizens in order to maintain national security. He added that the security of the common man of the country would be jeopardized if the flow of resources was less than the flow of traffic.

اقتصادی سلامتی قومی سلامتی کا مرکز ہے: NSA | Hataf News
Economic security is the center of national security

According to the National Security Adviser, He emphasized that Pakistan’s economic security could be enhanced only through trade relations with the country’s geo-economic location and real development ties with other countries of the world instead of relying on foreign aid. He acknowledged that the NSP had set lofty goals in a challenging regional security situation in which both its western neighbors had been approved by the international community. The eastern neighbor effectively refused to join. However, he said that the goal of any strategy is to find a way out of any existing national and international boundaries. Responding to complaints that the NSP’s implementation strategy was unclear, Dr Yusuf said The implementation plan was in the classified part of the publication. The National Security Adviser praised the public discourse on the NSP, but urged everyone to be constructive in their criticism so that the policy could be improved. The NSP has presented a conceptual framework for the direction of national security in the days and years to come. He added that further clarification of the policy, political ownership through parliament, and consistency could help implement it. He emphasized the importance of consistency in policy for the effectiveness of the policy under different governments, using the examples of Pakistan’s nuclear strategy and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

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