A new wave of enforced disappearances has sounded the alarm for the HRCP

(Khuda Ki Basti Sources)Reports of a recent wave of enforced disappearances in Balochistan and other parts of the country are said to have alarmed the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). Refers to the enforced disappearance of Hafeez Baloch, a postgraduate student from Islamabad, who had recently gone missing.

Baz Khatoon, 60, sits with a photo of her son, along with others demanding to know the details on the wheareabouts of their missing family members, in Islamabad, Pakistan February 19, 2021. — Reuters
A new wave of enforced disappearances has sounded the alarm for the HRCP

The statement said that “the Baloch were reported missing in Khuzdar, where they volunteered at a local school.” The students were “kidnapped” in front of them. He demanded the immediate recovery of Hafeez and the identification and accountability of the perpetrators. At the same time, the government’s earlier promise to criminalize enforced disappearances is becoming hollow. Two Balochistan University students reportedly went missing last November, but an extended student sit-in at the university is more than vague assurances. The HRCP is particularly concerned about the continued silence on enforced disappearances in the province, which has been deliberately cut off from the mainstream media. It should be understood that it cannot expect a solution to the legitimate grievances of the Baloch people if it is not prepared to see these grievances in broad daylight, ”the statement said. ا۔

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