France is a very important country for Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that France is a very important country for Pakistan. We are working for the appointment of Pakistani Ambassador to France. I would like to talk to his President about bilateral relations. Half of our exports go to Europe. In an interview to a French journalist, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that at present there is no program to visit France, but of course I would like to visit France, we can take the economy to the top only if we have good relations with the world. That there is no conflict in Afghanistan now, we are consulting all the regional countries, there should be a comprehensive government in Afghanistan, the Afghan people cannot be forced, they hate foreign intervention. Imran Khan said that Afghans Osama bin Laden was flatly refused to surrender, more than 200,000 Afghans have come to Pakistan since the fall of Kabul, we can not recognize Afghanistan alone, Pakistan wants to accompany all the regional countries around Afghanistan. The Prime Minister said that if any step is taken alone, there will be a lot of international pressure on Pakistan. If there is terrorism from Taliban land then Afghans will be affected. Terrorists will not be able to flourish in Afghanistan as much as there is stability. There is no alternative but to recognize the Afghan government. We want the welfare of about 40 million Afghans. It is feared that there will be a flood of refugees in Pakistan, there are already more than 3 million refugees in Pakistan, we can not afford more refugees. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Western style of women’s rights Not possible in Afghanistan. Imran Khan said that India unilaterally changed the status of Kashmir, India’s move is a violation of UN resolutions, Indian government’s ideology is hatred of minorities, the only reason for tension with India. Jammu and Kashmir is Kashmir. The Prime Minister said that Kashmir is a dispute between Pakistan and India. It is a problem for educated Indians to grow up in India. Talking to Kashmiris would be a betrayal. He said that Xinjiang is part of China No, while Kashmir has been recognized by the world as a global dispute, Kashmir has not been able to hold a referendum as per UN resolutions till date. The Kashmir issue is directly related to Pakistan. Imran Khan said that Pakistan’s There are very good relations with the United States. Relations with the United States have been criticized because of terrorism and the Afghan situation. I have always criticized the US adventure in Afghanistan. Pakistan has been blamed for the failure of the US in Afghanistan. “The United States initially came to Afghanistan to fight al Qaeda. Our common interest is stability in Afghanistan. We are America’s partners in peace, not in conflict. The United States has a responsibility to protect the people of Pakistan,

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