The Taliban increased the payment for wheat

(Khuda Ki Basti Sources)The Taliban administration says it is expanding its ‘Food for Work’ program, in which it uses wheat donated to pay thousands of public sector employees instead of cash to escalate the financial crisis.

Afghanistan crisis: Taliban expands 'food for work' programme - BBC News
The Taliban increased the payment for wheat

Agriculture officials told a news conference that the wheat was donated by India to the US-backed Kabul government, with 40,000 workers working five hours a day to pay for 10kg of wheat.
He said that in this scheme, which has made huge payments to the workers on public works programs in Kabul.
Fazal Bari Fazli, Deputy Minister for Administration and Agriculture, Ministry of Finance said. “We are ready to help our people in any way we can.”
They said. “We have a lot of work-meal program plans,” he said.
It was not clear how much of the donated wheat would be used as direct humanitarian aid and how much would be paid to workers.
Humanitarian aid from foreign governments continues to prevent millions from starving to death, but it is designed to ignore Afghan government channels and distribute them mostly through international multilateral organizations. UN agencies on Tuesday asked donors for 20 4.4 billion in humanitarian aid for Afghanistan in 2022, calling the funds a “necessary stop gap” to ensure the country’s future.

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