‘Spirits in house’ forced me to hammer nail in my head: woman claims

(Khuda Ki Basti Sources)The woman who had a nail hammered into her head has claimed that the nail “entered” her head after she “fell in front of her room because of the Jinn (spirits) present in her house,”

According to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Haroon Al-Rasheed, the injured woman underwent a medical procedure where she was examined by a psychiatrist. The reports revealed that the woman has been suffering from depression. 

The SSP further said that the woman lost her father recently and has been advised to visit the doctor for another check-up after two weeks, adding that “the woman has been undergoing a psychiatric treatment since 2017”. 

On the other hand, the woman revealed that her house is “possessed by spirits,” adding that she was “disturbed by them which resulted in the accident.”

The victim claimed that she had nothing to do with a fake aamil (faith healer) and “no one hammered a nail into her head.”

Earlier, the woman’s husband had stated also that spirits hammered the nail into her head. 

Following instructions of fake aamil, pregnant woman hammers nail into her head

On Tuesday, it was reported that a woman got severely injured after she hammered a nail into her head following the instructions of a fake aamil so that she could give birth to a boy.

The injured woman was rushed to the Lady Reading Hospital where she underwent surgery to remove the nail from her skull.

Police had said that according to a statement issued by the woman, the fake aamil asked her to hammer the nail into her skull as she wanted to have a son.

Dr Haider Suleman, the neurosurgeon treating her, told Geo News that the woman had a serious head injury, adding that she was also pregnant and in a lot of pain.

According to the report, the woman was pressurised by her husband to give birth to a boy. The woman had three daughters and her husband threatened to divorce her and remarry if she failed to give birth to a boy.

The report further added that the woman underwent an ultrasound which revealed that she was about to give birth to a daughter again, after which she decided to visit the fake aamil as the last option. 

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