The accountability court declared Shahbaz Sharif’s clean water project transparent

Cold winds began to blow for PML-N. Accountability court Lahore declared former Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s clean water project clean and transparent. Issued a written verdict of acquittal of 16 accused including Salam in which it was said that NAB could not prove any violation or illegality in the clean water project.The decision said that whatever changes were made in the clean water project were made with the recommendations and approval of the concerned committees, the purpose of which was to further improve the project and bring maximum benefit to the people, while the relevant committees also ensured He said that changes in the project should not increase the actual cost of the project. The third floor was given to the clean water company through open bidding (transparent auction). The prosecution alleges that the floor was never occupied and advance rent was paid, but according to the facts, the clean water company not only took possession but also new The management also maintained the agreement with some changes. According to the decision, it is clear that there was no illegality, violation of rules or financial benefits in the project. Former CEO Wasim Ajmal did not abuse his powers. And did not give any unnecessary benefit to the co-accused The case between Lee Imran’s company and Saaf Pani was about non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the agreement, but the case between the two does not fall under the category of NAB rules. According to the NAB prosecutor, the NAB Amendment Ordinance cannot affect the pending cases, but in fact the cases pending under section four of the other NAB Amendment Ordinance fall under its jurisdiction. Therefore, the court approves the pleas of 16 accused including Qamar Islam Raja, Wasim Ajmal, Khalid Nadeem, Zahoor Ahmed, however, retains the two other accused including Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter and son-in-law.

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