The no-confidence motion will come before the long march, Muftah Ismail

PML-N leader Muftah Ismail has said that Imran Khan has lost the trust of the people and now he will lose it in the National Assembly. The no-confidence motion will come before the long march. Muftah Ismail said in a statement that the people no longer want Imran, the people do not want further increase in inflation and unemployment, MQM, GDA, Q League can go to the people in inflation. He said that MQM, an ally of the government, did not reject our suggestions, 20 to 22 people want to talk to us, now no one will be able to fight on PTI ticket in Faisalabad. Muftah Ismail said. That Faisal Wawda had given false testimony, his case had been going on for 3 years, the judiciary should not delay further in settling the matter. He said that Pakistan has become the 140th most corrupt country in the world. It seems that SHOs, the husband of the first lady are very corrupt. Give it a try.

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