Michael Jackson body-shamed sister Janet Jackson, hurled brutal names at her

Michael Jackson used to tease sister Janet Jackson by names and comment on her weight, confirms Daily Mail.

Speaking in her new documentary, the 55-year-old revealed how her mental health was compromised from early days when her elder brother picked out demeaning names to comment on her figure.

“There were times when Mike used to tease me and call me names,” she began.

“Pig, horse, slaughter hog, cow. He would laugh about it and I’d laugh too, but then there was some­where down inside that it would hurt,” Janet reportedly confessed. “When you have somebody say you’re too heavy, it affects you.”

She added: “I’m an emotional eater, so when I get stressed or something is really bothering me, it comforts me,” Janet reportedly explained. “I did Good Times and that’s the beginning of having weight issues and the way I looked at myself.

Regardless, Janet tells she was by her brother’s side even when he was accused of sexually assaulting a child in 1993.

“It was frustrating for me. We have our own separate lives and even though he’s my brother, that has nothing to do with me,” the actress stated of the troubling accusations lodged against the Grammy Award winner, it was reported. “But I wanted to be there for him, to support him as much as I possibly could.”

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