Prince Harry ‘felt devastated’ with ‘heartbreak in his eyes’

(Khuda Ki Basti Sources)Prince Harry reportedly felt devastated after he was forced to withdraw from Afghanistan during his days in active service.

A pal of Prince Harry, Royal Marines veteran JJ Chalmers, made this claim while speaking to BBC podcasts about his days as an active soldier in the warzone of Afghanistan.

He started off by saying, “[Prince Harry] has deployed to Afghanistan on Herrick 7. He was meant to be there for six months through the winter.”

“But to be able to do that, and media embargo had been put in place, that no one would write the story that he was there because for understandable reasons, that puts him at risk.”

“It puts the mission at risk, but more importantly, it puts others at risk. And in the blink of an eye, he had to be removed from that situation, which was really tough for him.”

“And I remember watching him come off the plane and I didn’t know him at this point but I could see like, I could see the heartbreak in his eyes coming back from Afghanistan and adjusting to the real world is difficult enough as it is.”

“But I could just see sort of disappointment. I think he came down the stairs off the plane and was picked up by you know, a car that took them off but there must have just been a sense of like, I’m back in the real world. That’s traumatic, that is traumatic.”
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