Why do people chew their nails?

Khuda Ki Basti: You may have seen many people chewing their nails all the time in the market, at home or anywhere. Such people get in the habit of chewing nails and doing so becomes a part of their life. This is very bad habit and islam also prohibited because due to chewing of nails there is no blessing in house. Secondly there are alot of germs and bacteria with your nails due to chewing it goes in your abdomen due to this man can become ill. This habit is mostly found in four type of people.
Impatient people: This habit is often found in impatient people. Those who do not like to wait for anything, when they lose the patience to wait, they have only one thing left to do and then in a state of impatience, such people start chewing their nails.

Self-loathing: You’ve often seen a lot of people get frustrated with their work or self-loathing, or a tension that makes them depressed, or something that doesn’t suit their mood. Such people go into a certain kind of depression and start chewing their nails.

Psychology: Sometimes it has been observed that many people are compelled because of their habits. Those who get into the habit of chewing nails. You can also call it a mental illness or they have this habit from childhood which is very difficult to give up.

Corrector: These types of people are a little different. You only see their flaws in the three points, but there are people in the world who are used to doing everything in a good way, or let’s say they are used to doing everything with perfection. When any of their work is not up to their standards or they do not complete it, their anxiety does not go away and in this state of anxiety they start chewing their nails. They do this until they get the job done, but they only do it until they get it done. Such people do not chew their nails after the work is done.

How To Stop Nail Biting:

It is very bad habit and it take time to overcome. But you have to do some effort for quitting this habit.

1: Trim and manicure your nails every week.

2: Cover your nails with some tape or anything which suits to you.

3: Some people quit smoking by gradually cutting down on the number of cigarettes per day. You can do something similar with nail biting.

Start by choosing one finger that you won’t put in your mouth. Stick with that one finger until it becomes a habit and the nail begins to look healthier.

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