Rasoolpur a village with 100% Education

Rasoolpur, a small village in Gujarat district of Punjab, is a model of civilization for the whole world.
With 100% literacy and 0% crime rate, the village celebrates World Education Day every year in September and people congratulate each other as well as appreciate the strong commitment of school teachers for education

Rasool pur vilaage of gujarat

The population of this village is 2 to 3 thousand and most of the residents are Ahmadani Baloch, whose ancestors came here from Balochistan in 1933-34. There are 2 high schools and one primary school in this village. Every person here has to complete his high school education otherwise he is not allowed to be a part of the society by the elders.
All the women of this village are educated. Due to the importance of women’s education, all the children start their education as soon as they are 4 to 5 years old. There is also a Rasoolpur Development Society in the village for these people. Collects donations that cannot afford the cost of education. In order to maintain the commitment to education, an annual event is also held to encourage children and their parents, in which such students are praised. At the university level, they get positions in examinations. Not a single crime case has been registered in the Model Village police station during the last 100 years. This village represents the true picture of Pakistan for the whole world.

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